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admin | 04 十二月, 2007 16:42



TEL:886-4-24370696      FAX:886-4-24370655

No.300, Jyunfu 13th Rd., Beitun District, Taichung City 406, Taiwan (R.O.C.)


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Special Programs

admin | 04 十二月, 2007 16:39

Art Garden

We want our students to have a wide variety of cultural experiences.  We introduce our students to some of history's most influential artists of all time.  It is important that students know and experience different modes of art: music, paint, dance, crafts and many more.  We encourage our students to find the artist within.  Throughout the campus you can both see and hear the art of many students at Jyun Gong Elementary School.

Dancing Dragons

We want our students to find pride in their heritage.  One way we do this is by training students in the traditional art of dragon dancing.  We are lucky to have a teacher on staff who is able to provide this training.  The students on the the dragon team not only perform for the campus, but they also perform for the surrounding community. 

Baseball Team 

Baseball is a beloved sport to many, we are proud to offer this to our students.  Team sports offer many benefits.  Students learn how to work as a team, how to encourage others and how to have honorable sportmanship. 

Foreign English Teacher

The government has given us a great tool.  By having a foreign English teacher on campus, students have the opportunity to come in contact with a native English speaker.  Grades 4-6 have the foreign English teacher in their classroom once a week.  This is a time for students to practice their English, become comfortable with a foreigner and learn about the culture and customs of other countries.


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admin | 04 十二月, 2007 16:38

Sunshine, Growth, Laughter:

Our school is located in the beautiful area of Dakeng.  We take pride in our location, we have received awards from the governemnt for our recycling projects.  We believe in planting new life.  We see our students has creations that need nuturing for growth.  We provide a healthy and safe learning environment for all students.  We encourage laughter throughout the halls, where there is sunshine, laughter and growth, learning will sprout much like a beautiful flower.  Our students come to us but as seeds, when they leave, our hope is that they will each become a beautiful creation.

Health, Energy, Ownership:

We believe that all students can learn, we take them from where they are to new and unlimited heights.  It is crucial that students are healthy in mind, body and spirit.  We encourage each student to be the best they can be.  It is important for each child to take ownership of their learning.  Not only do we want students to learn in the classroom with the teacher, but to become daily independent life-long learners.

It is not only the responsibility of the school to ensure the future success of our students.  We take great pride in all of our stakeholders' contributions in each our students' lives.  We must band together as an educational learning community to prepare our future leaders.  We do this by daily improving ourselves, being continous learners; in essance we  are all students of life.

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admin | 04 十二月, 2007 16:35


Our school was establish in 1920, during the Japanese rule of Taiwan.   Our original name was Jyun Gong Lieu Public School.

On October 25, 1945, the school name was changed to Taichung County Public School.

In August of 1969, the school name was changed to Taichung City Elementary School.

On September 21, 1999, a devastating earthquake destroyed our campus and much of the surrounding area.  The school then was temporarily stationed at a nearby campus, Lai Cuo Elementary School.  The rebuilding of our school took two years to complete.  On September 21, 2001, Jyun Gong Elementary School was reborn.  Although this was a tragic time for all, we have taken this opportunity to better our facilities.  Jyun Gong Elementary School was resilient during this time and has since daily improved the lives and education of our students.

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